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During the reconstruction of the house at Provaznická Street, we found an old chest under a loose plank on the second floor. At the bottom of the chest, there was a pack of tarot cards covered in dust. From the underside, one could see the shaken writings done by the hand of the old Alchemist. The burden bonded with the secret of the old emperor caused him much suffering so he decided to get rid of it. However, he knew very well that it was too much for one person to bear so he inflicted the curse onto 26 heads, sharing the secret among 26 characters of the old tarot cards.

To this day, we still haven't solved the whole secret and that’s why we would like to ask you for help. The youngest offspring of the Alchemist hereby offers you a hundred thousand Czech crowns if you crack the secret that the emperor used to hold so dear. Visit our bar, enjoy one of the great cocktails, choose your first card from the Guardian of the chest and set out on a great quest for Rudolph II’s treasure.

The Rules

  1. Choose Your Fate is open to everyone over 18 years of age.
  2. In order to collect the reward of 100 000 CZK, the players of Choose your Fate will need to draw the 12 cards, find the key holders and exchange the cards for the 12 keys. Behind each key there is a riddle.
  3. Every service of Choose your fate it will be performed with a brand new deck of cards.
  4. Each deck consist of 36 cards, with each card 3 times.
  5. No more than 2 cards to be drawn from the deck in the same service of the game. For the following service, a new deck of cards will be used.
  6. Find all 12 keys and solve all their riddles to gain access to the 13th key.
  7. The answers to all 12 keys must be correct in order to access the 13 key. Regardless of the correctness of the answers, the participant will hand over the 12 keys.
  8. The participants in the game will be given the chance to compete again in the eventuality of a wrong answer.

The Story of The Alchemist Bar

Announced by rhythmical sounds of horse hoofs, guests in black cowls arrive at the Prague Castle. Startled ravens scramble and disperse into the blackness of dark clouds. Only one of them deliberately chooses one of the riders and sits on his shoulder. Rudolf II., the head of the Roman Empire, ends up noticing it and shows a hint of smile. His search has reached its end. He has found the Alchemist.

The alchemist had settled down in the house at Provaznická Street and began to create cocktails. He would mix such delicious drinks that even the Emperor himself had forgotten about the elixir of youth because the idea of leaving the world in the caress of Alchemist's liquor was too tempting. Just prior to his death, the Alchemist had hidden the greatest secret in the world, which he had wheedled from the withered emperor earlier, and sworn that those words are to never see the light of day again.

Four Centuries Later

Even to his offspring had the Alchemist told about the secret only as much as was fit for them to hide at the bottom of each drink they would serve to their customers. This way, their drinks would become unforgettable.

The Alchemist’s offspring knew that anyone to have tasted more than ten drinks becomes capable of reading the whole secret in his heart, yet his mind would be so enthralled by the drink's sweetness he would not be able to remember. They think that this keeps the secret safe. Try your luck and taste the mysterious cocktails at the same place the old Alchemist lived. We are looking forward to meet you.

  • <strong>Alice in Wonderland</strong> 255 CZK Alice in Wonderland 255 CZK
  • <strong>Black Sun</strong> 265 CZK Black Sun 265 CZK
  • <strong>Chaos after Osiris</strong> 265 CZK Chaos after Osiris 265 CZK
  • <strong>Death by Penicillin</strong> 275 CZK Death by Penicillin 275 CZK
  • <strong>Heaven Mountain</strong> 255 CZK Heaven Mountain 255 CZK
  • <strong>Gaius White</strong> 255 CZK Gaius White 255 CZK
  • <strong>The High Priest</strong> 255 CZK The High Priest 255 CZK
  • <strong>Bohemian Twist</strong> 255 CZK Bohemian Twist 255 CZK
  • <strong>Golden age of Z</strong> 285 CZK Golden age of Z 285 CZK
  • <strong>The Six and One</strong> 265 CZK The Six and One 265 CZK
  • <strong>City of Dis</strong> 275 CZK City of Dis 275 CZK
  • <strong>Woods of Suicide</strong> 245 CZK Woods of Suicide 245 CZK
  • <strong>Starlight .2</strong> 255 CZK Starlight .2 255 CZK
  • <strong>Canto VX</strong> 265 CZK Canto VX 265 CZK
  • <strong>Greed-ings</strong> 275 CZK Greed-ings 275 CZK
  • <strong>River of Black</strong> 275 CZK River of Black 275 CZK
  • <strong>Number.9</strong> 265 CZK Number.9 265 CZK
  • <strong>Woods of Suicide</strong> 265 CZK Woods of Suicide 265 CZK

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Anybody could be called VIP these days. We can offer you a place at the Alchemist’s family table. We shall share all our rigorously guarded mysteries and family secrets with you.

You can look forward to special offers, new games, challenges and a whole new bar experience.

Ask the staff for the application form and more information.

Your Career at the Alchemist's

Bar Professionals

Bartenders, barmaids, waiters or waitresses are always welcome.

Are you eager to learn every day and work with the best who can kick-start you professional growth?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can offer flexible hours, beautiful working environment and great opportunities for professional growth.

Fluent English & 1 year of experience required. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Alchemists feel the best among artists.

Explore your talent among fellow free spirited people brought together by the enchanting taste of our cocktails.

Do you make music, paint art or dance? Do not hesitate to share your talent with the others.

Contact us about possible cooperation.


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Groups & Parties

We can cater for larger parties and group bookings with canapé menus and pre-orders on request.
The lounge may also be booked to hold private parties for up to 50 guests.
Please speak to your bartender or call +420 251 510 940 for further information.